Upcoming events

If you visit our news page, you’ll see that we’ve been working very hard to stop Brexit and to secure the rights of both UK citizens living and working in the EU, and EU citizens in the UK.

Until we achieve our objectives, the work must continue. To that end, here are the dates and details of events we’ll be attending and supporting in the near future.

We would, of course, be delighted, if you could join us at any or all of these events.

1)  Monday 30th April 2018:  Parliament Square, London

This was originally the date set for MPs to debate the petition demanding that “Parliament’s vote on the Brexit deal must include an option to remain in the EU”. The debate has now been postponed to make way for the “Windrush generation” amnesty debate on the petition to stop deportations, ensure documentation, and guarantee an amnesty for those who came to the UK as minors.

However, we decided that the parallels between this debate and the future of the 3 million EU citizens were so closely linked that we should join the action and stand shoulder to shoulder with the supporters of the petition in Parliament Square.

Whilst the government seems to be now acting decisively (if reluctantly) on this issue, it is still also the date for the debates in the House of Lords on a meaningful vote and a referendum on Brexit terms. So we’ve decided to carry on and have a presence at the event.

2)  Saturday 5th May 2018:  Europe Day in Brussels

A day when people visit the EU Commission/Parliament to celebrate all that is good about the European Union. We’ll be there to engage, inform and publicise the plight of both the UK citizens in the EU and EU 27 citizens in the UK.

3)  Wednesday 9th May 2018:  Women’s March for Europe

Nicky will travel to Berlin to represent Final Say For All at this event.

4)  Monday 11  June 2018: Parliament Square, London

This is the new date for the debate on the petition demanding that “Parliament’s vote on the Brexit deal must include an option to remain in the EU” (see 30th April above). Again we will be there to join the action with all Remain supporters, whilst maintaining a presence in support of all those who were disenfranchised in the referendum, both in the UK and EU27 countries.

5)  Saturday 23rd June 2018: March on Parliament Square, London

On the second anniversary of the EU referendum, this is another chance for all Remain supporters to gather and show solidarity in the fight to stop Brexit. The event is organised by Britain for Europe, whose one aim is to “make clear to the country that Brexit must be stopped”.

We’ll also have our own campaigns running in the background, which we’ll publicise when they come to fruition or are launched.


Brexit just got personal

We are holding an informal awareness-raising event in Brussels & would love to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves & hopefully give some insight into how Brexit is affecting our lives. For us, & so many others, Brexit is personal.

We will be at The Grapevine, Place de Luxembourg, between 4.30 & 8pm on Thursday 22nd March 2018

It would mean a lot to us, if you could make it.

Nicola James, John Ling and Michael Moss
The FSFA Board


Let’s reboot the Maybots heart

@FinalSayForAll need your help to reboot the Maybot’s Heart, we have created three Valentines cards and we would love for you to download them and send them to the Prime Minister at:

Theresa May
10 Downing Street | London | SW1A 2AA

For the greatest impact it is important that as many as possible actually arrive on the 14th Feb. In order to achieve this we strongly suggest that within the U.K. all cards are posted on the 10th of Feb. Download and send as many as you can possibly afford for the best results. We would also encourage you to send a card to the EU commission in Brussels at this address:

European Commission
Rue de la Loi 200 | 1049 Brussels | Belgium

Show the EU our love this Valentine’s Day ask them to ‘Be Mine Forever!
Please click on the cards below in order to print or download them:


Of course, you can make or buy your own card. Please make sure that you write inside “I LOVE EU” and “finalsayforall.eu