My bird is a true Twitter-activist!

I lost my wife to Twitter. Oh yes, she is still there, I can see her, I can talk to her but she is not listening. She has been sucked into this big hole called Brexit and she is fighting with all her might to get out of this bloody mess. Not only her mess, she fights for all people who suffer the consequences of a possible exit from the EU via Twitter.

Now you would expect rage and anger and tears, desperate screams in the dark. She had, like so  many others as a British citizen living abroad, no say in this ‘advisory’ referendum. That referendum hijacked by extreme right wing people who desperately want to kill every chance of the UK becoming a real democracy. Oh yes, it reveals so much for every outsider of the UK to see that there is an ordinary dictatorship going on there, lead by a very small group of ‘people’ using the good old divide and conquer tactics in order to keep those who are in power in their seats. Sooooo outdated!!!

You can’t be serious?! I thought, when I saw this Cameron dude treating this advisory referendum as a binding one and executed the will of the few Torie Brexeteers, NOT the will of the people who casted their votes, based upon big fat lies!

And what do I hear so many times in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening? LOUD laughter, hick ups of pure enjoyment. My God do I have a HAPPY wife or what??!! ...Yes, if I was a jealous person, I would be jealous at this Billy the Brexit M’fucker!

She is disarming this Brexit sentiment not only with her tiny posture, sweet voice and her friendly smile, but uses all her wit to make people feel a bit better in these miserable hard times, giving them just a moment to get their mind of things. Gives them time to recharge, it motivates them not to give up and keep on fighting for the good cause!

Proud, that’s what I am. Proud of what she does, and proud of the fact that her work is appreciated by so many! My bird is a true Twitter-activist! Hell yeah!

Dimitri Gazan @Dimigaza

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