Don’t brexit, fixit

I'm originally from the Isle of Wight, joined the Army in 1975 when the troubles in Northern Ireland meant I could not travel in uniform and had to check under my car before every journey. The biggest threat to peace though was from the Soviet bloc, I trained and prepared to defend my country and die for it if the time came, all to prevent the loss of our way of life, our freedoms etc.

I was deployed to the desert during the first Gulf War, again prepared to give my life so that others might regain their freedom. I left in 1997, settled in Redditch, moved to Derby 11 years ago. I have travelled to many parts of the world and have seen how lucky this country is in so many ways. I am not saying we don't have problems with poverty but Sao Paolo in Brazil has it on an industrial scale. I have seen construction workers working in appalling conditions. I have had first hand experience of using the American pay as you go health care system.

I didn't spend the best years of my life defending this country from the threat from the east only to see it give itself up to  a threat closer to home in Westminster. Brexit has taken over my life but I cannot rest while my kids' futures are at risk. I live in close proximity to Rolls Royce, Toyota and Bombardier, I fear that Brexit will tear the heart out of the place I call home but my MP seems to sit on her hands and seems to do nothing

Andy Parnall

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