Susan Lawson’s story

I was born in Germany, the daughter of an officer in the British Army. My English father served 42 years including 6 tours in N. Ireland. My mother is Irish. The father of my sons is Welsh, he was born in Honk Kong also the son of an Army Officer and our sons were born in Germany. I was married in Belgium, latterly divorced in England! I went to 11 schools and lived in 24 different homes across Europe. Throughout my 36 year career, in both public and private sectors, I worked in many EU countries, finally supporting a Japanese business in the UK with a strong European manufacturing base.

I speak English, Welsh, German and Spanish, but not Japanese. I am retired living in Spain with my English husband whose ex wife is French, making his daughter Anglo/French and making us a truly European family. During my life Europe has enjoyed relative peace. The toppling of the Berlin wall released millions from tyranny and EU citizens have enjoyed the freedom to live, love, be educated and work freely across Europe for decades. Peace in Ireland has been underpinned by the Good Friday Agreement. For these reasons I believe Brexit has been recklessly entered into.

EU citizenship is a human right everyone has enjoyed and the British people must be asked to vote on the final Brexit deal to make absolutely sure the decision they take is in the very best interests of us all.

Susan Lawson
(aged 54 - previously resident in Northamptonshire)

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