The board of directors:

Nicola James:

As a disenfranchised Brit living in the EU, brexit has felt like something that is being done to me. It left me feeling anxious, isolated, voiceless and a victim. After living in Germany for 16 years, I moved to the Netherlands nearly 12 years ago. I am European and love the places I have been lucky to call home as much as the country of my birth.

Brits in the EU are largely ignored in all this. It is clear that people are unaware of the devastating impact on our lives and many do not even know that we were unable to vote. Final Say For All gives me my voice back. Now I want my vote back, too, along with a vote for the 3 million EU citizens in the UK. I refuse to be a victim anymore.

John Ling:

When the referendum was called, my immediate gut feeling was that remaining in the EU was the right thing to do. Then I looked at the leaders of the Leave campaigns and that gut feeling was amplified beyond description. I could not believe that anything supported by the likes of Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Nigel Farage could be a good thing! Then the Brexit campaign started and I found new levels of disgust and disdain for these, and many other, self-appointed spokespeople for Leave. The explosion of hatred, xenophobia and vitriol from many who were empowered by the campaign, reinforced my opinions.

Having conducted my own extensive research, I am now utterly convinced that by campaigning to remain in the EU, we will be on the right side of history – motivated by a strong sense of fairness for people and communities, in sharp contrast to the greed, fear and hatred unleashed by Brexit. I am patriotic and believe that the UK is better off by far remaining in the EU. I have served in the armed forces, repeatedly risked my life to protect the country and its allies, and have stood by the country’s leaders and head of state, prepared to give my life to protect and preserve peace and stability. I think I have earned the right to question the decisions that are not only betraying the principals I was prepared to fight for, but which are putting our country to shame.