Statement: 2018 Accounts

Final Say for all is a Foundation registered in the Netherlands (our founder’s country of residence). It was set up to highlight the stories of those who were excluded from voting in the UK’s 2016 Referendum on EU membership – both UK citizens in the EU27 and EU27 citizens in the UK – and to campaign for a Final Say referendum that includes all of those affected by it.

We then decided the best way to achieve our aims was to record and publicise the personal stories of all those who felt their voices hadn’t been heard, under the tagline “Brexit is Personal”.

We at Final Say For All want you to know how the money you have so generously donated has been used. We are very aware of the current scrutiny of crowdfunders, so we want to address those concerns and to reassure our donors. We have therefore decided to publish our full accounts for 2018, which was our first year in existence. See the link to the PDF below.

Brief summary of donations and expenditure:

  • You have donated, via our crowdfunder, paypal and cash donations at our events, a total of €7,256.58* Thank you!
  • Of these donations, €5,703.29 has been spent.
  • Board members have spent €4,337.37 of their own money on FSFA activities.
  • Total spending was €10,040.66

* Please note that we have to convert all donations to Euros as we are registered in the NL

This is what we have achieved so far:

All our FSFA events and initiatives are crowdfunded and/or financed by ourselves and our team. With every donor’s help we have achieved an impressive record of outreach projects:

  • 15 Beehive events in the UK and Brussels since 2018 including 4 already held in 2019, with at least 6 more planned so far for the rest of 2019
  • Production of well over 100 videos of personal stories of how Brexit is personal
  • Creation of a YouTube channel to share the #BrexitIsPersonal stories to public and press
  • Campaign trail to Brussels to lobby UK and EU MEPs, and the European Commission’s Article 50 Taskforce
  • Cooperation with other Remain groups to maximise exposure of our cause on media
  • Presence on all large protest marches with an organized FSFA contingent
  • Creation of FSFA merchandise for sale, such as T-shirts and stickers
  • Blog and website documentation of our work.

Our fantastic team of volunteers work tirelessly to uphold the FSFA foundation to a high professional standard. Most of the funds raised are used to cover travel costs for Beehive organisers, video and sound recording and editing, as well as event documentation and registrations. The rest covers admin, legal advice and equipment insurances.

Our volunteers fund their own travel costs and accommodation if they wish to attend any FSFA event. The foundation funds only one hotel room at each event for the use of board members.  Also, one of our board members is not paid for time off work, so their costs alone (which are not reimbursed) are over £1000.

No funds donated to FSFA have been used for any purpose other than activities directly related to the work of the foundation. FSFA have no employees and is run solely by volunteers who do not receive compensation for their time. Any reimbursement to any volunteer has been made strictly for expenses incurred in activities directly related to the work of the foundation.

The retention of proof of expenses through receipts, invoices, etc. is required under Netherlands law, and FSFA complies fully with that and all other legal requirements.

FSFA will update you every 6 months on the fundraising goals and achievements on our website

A Final Word of Thanks

You have all very kindly donated €7,256.58 since we opened our crowdfunder on 4th March 2018. Our events last year and other costs totaled €10,040,66.

So it’s clear that we didn’t cover all our expenses, but we feel that the message we are spreading is more important. We ended 2018 with €1834.66 still left in our battle fund. We knew we had to keep some money in reserve due to the threat of a no-deal Brexit in March 2019, so we were able to hit the ground running with 4 Beehive events before that deadline.

We could not have achieved this without you. We know that you have watched our films on Twitter or via our YouTube channel, and that many of you have attended our events. You are all part of the FSFA family.

We will continue to fight for you all. We are always very grateful for contributions to our funds, however small. But if you are not able to donate, please help us spread these stories about why #BrexitIsPersonal and help us to get the disenfranchised a say in their future.

If you have any questions regarding these accounts please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email
Thank you!

Please visit the following link to our full accounts for 2018


Campaign costs: