CHELTENHAM Beehive - 5th July 2019

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Cheltenham Beehive, 5th July 2019, upstairs at the Tivoli, 36 Andover Road

MEP Martin Horwood (left) speaks about his pro-EU parents, who both lived through the war (his father was in active service).

Fiona , very well-known to many of us in the remain movement (right) helped us to organise the event here in Cheltenham. She speaks about changes that the EU bought to her relatives Ireland


Rod Gay, chairman of (left), married to a NL citizen. He met his wife on an exchange where they were both teachers for kids with special needs.

Ginny (right) is a French national, also part of , who has taught here for twenty years. She said she didn't feel French, she just felt European. She feels that the opportunity she and her friends had to come here & work is now diminishing because of Brexit.

Andy Logan (left) speaks about the effect Brexit will have on the supply chain, having worked in the industry for 30 years. He also warned that Brexit would mean around a 20% increase in the cost on all goods.

Nayla (right) came to the UK before her country, Croatia, joined the EU, She doesn't want those times to come back for her children, with the intrusive questions and all the uncertainty.

Chris Meehan (left). Though he voted to leave the EU in '75, he's since worked for an MP in W. London on the Remain campaign. He chose to learn more about the EU & realised it was a peace project. He's now proud to wear his 'Stop Brexit" badge.

Imogen or better known to many as (right) talks about 'othering' and explaining how that works and the damage it does to those who are 'othered' in the Brexit environment.

Bruce (left) talks about the degeneration of the tolerant society in the UK since the referendum.

We at the Final Say For All Foundation run Beehive events, where you can meet and chat with others in a friendly setting. Come join us for a drink and, if you want, tell us why Brexit is personal for you. With your permission, we can record your story and combine it with others from our Beehives across the country. Our aim is to distribute them to MPs, journalists and other powerful figures so that the real voice of the people is heard in the corridors of power.

We are many and we will not be silenced


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