COWBRIDGE Beehive – 9th February 2019

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Cowbridge Beehive, Wales, at The Bear Hotel, 63 High St. from 7pm onwards! People now arriving..

MP for Cardiff South, Stephen Doughty (left), talking about why for him. Great to have him with us tonight in Cowbridge, with and . Thank you Stephen for joining us!


Jonathon (right) speaking next at the Cowbridge grassroots event tonight

David (left) talked about how has placed barriers between him and his family.

Karl (right) is talking about how has empowered xenophobia & nationalism. He also stressed the importance of investment in the Wales economy by big firms such as Hitachi, now being put at risk.

Pat (left) spoke about how threatened to negatively affect her friendships – something many of us can relate to.

Sally (right) is worried about what will happen to her part of Wales if we leave and lose EU funding for rejuvenation. Also, for her because she’s fallen out with her father over it.

Alison (left) spoke about her son at Montpellier University who’s had a list of countries he won’t be able to visit post . He’s now having to rethink his plans for the future.

Anna (right), who is too young to vote, bravely speaking out (here with her mum – another Sally). Her dream was to go to university in Paris, and she’s scared that her future has been stolen.

Christine (left) talking about why for her. She told us how her granny’s youth was stolen by WWI and mum’s by WWII. She spoke movingly about the sacrifices of those wars and how the EU project brought peace to Europe.

Sally (Anna’s mum) (right) talked about travelling the world with her dad as a child, and how FoM had formed her working career. She feels that the removal of FoM is criminal.

We at the Final Say For All Foundation run Beehive events, where you can meet and chat with others in a friendly setting. Come join us for a drink and, if you want, tell us why Brexit is personal for you. With your permission, we can record your story and combine it with others from our Beehives across the country. Our aim is to distribute them to MPs, journalists and other powerful figures so that the real voice of the people is heard in the corridors of power.

We are many and we will not be silenced


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