The Foundation bears the name: Foundation Final Say For All, or F.S.F.A for short
It has its seat in the municipality of Enkhuizen, The Netherlands

Commercial registration number: 70591385

The Board:
Chairman: Nicola James
Member of the board: Tim McCann

The aim of the Foundation:
The Foundation aims to campaign for a referendum on the terms of Brexit, with an option for the UK to stay in the EU. Furthermore, the Foundation is committed to ensuring voting rights for all UK citizens currently living in the European Union, and for all EU citizens living in the UK, who are directly affected by any change in relationship between the UK and the EU.

The Foundation aims to achieve its goal by, amongst other things:

  • organising events in which the impact of Brexit and the positive aspects of the European Union are presented in a personal and accessible way; 
  • drawing attention to the consequences for the personal situations of all EU residents, including UK residents, as a result of Brexit;
  • collecting and publishing, through various media, the personal stories and experiences of people affected by Brexit.


For information on how all our events have been funded, please follow this link

The board of directors:

Nicola James:

As a disenfranchised Brit living in the EU, brexit has felt like something that is being done to me. It left me feeling anxious, isolated, voiceless and a victim. After living in Germany for 16 years, I moved to the Netherlands nearly 12 years ago. I am European and love the places I have been lucky to call home as much as the country of my birth. Brits in the EU are largely ignored in all this. It is clear that people are unaware of the devastating impact on our lives and many do not even know that we were unable to vote. Final Say For All gives me my voice back. Now I want my vote back, too, along with a vote for the 3 million EU citizens in the UK. I refuse to be a victim anymore.  

Tim McCann:

Tim has been supporting the work of the Final Say For All foundation for over a year and has recently agreed to join the board in a formal capacity in July 2019.

Having grown up in Northern Ireland he has witnessed first hand the impact to people’s lives that the peace made possible by the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement and the pivotal role that the EU played in its implementation.

He has spoken nationally in support of the rights of the 5 million people denied a say in their own future and is committed to righting the injustice that the 2016 franchise represents.