All our FSFA events and initiatives are crowdfunded and/or financed by ourselves and our team. Your donations have helped us to achieve some of these outreach projects:

  • 15 grassroots Beehive events in the UK and Brussels since 2018, with at least 6 more planned in 2019
  • Creation of a YouTube channel to share #BrexitIsPersonal stories with the public, press and MPs:
  • Campaign trail to Brussels to lobby UK and EU MEPs
  • Cooperation with other Remain groups to maximise exposure of our cause on social  media
  • Presence at all large protest marches, with an organized FSFA contingent
  • FSFA merchandise for sale, such as T-shirts and stickers
  • Blog and website documentation of our work.

Our fantastic team of volunteers work tirelessly to uphold the FSFA foundation to a high professional standard. Most of the funds raised are used to cover travel costs for Beehive organisers, video and sound recording and editing, as well as event documentation and registrations. The rest covers admin, legal advice and equipment insurances.

FSFA will update you every 6 months on the fundraising goals and achievements on this website.


Campaign costs: