HEREFORD Beehive – 7th July 2019

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Hereford Beehive, 7th July 2019, Left bank Village Inc DKP, Bridgestreet


Polly @RemainingKind (left) speaks about the division in our country, she was looking for a non British identity as for her growing up she was ashamed of what she saw as British. Whilst living in France she found she was proud to be British so returned until 2016. Now she found her identity as a Brit in Europe.

Julia (right) she’s epileptic, she is crippled without the medication she requires, this is directly threatened by the supply of that medication


Tim (left) is talking about remainer now and a conversation with a leave voter who hadn’t considered any negative side to the argument until her grandson was abhorred by it, he still won’t look at his gran, she’s devastated

@EllieChownsMEP (GreenMEP) (right) Ellie never felt that being British and European contracted each other. She was driven by the rise of UKIP. Ellie has concerns about the environment and how brexit may frustrate efforts in that area

This is Libby (left), her grandfather was part of the post revolution Russian government. She has relatives who were shot and sent to the Gulag. She refers to Polish fighters not being celebrated after WW11 due to the great democracy of GB bending the knee to Stalin. She is greatly worried about the far right in the UK and losing the freedom and protection of the EU despite it not being perfect

Mark (right) speaks about the horrible division and fascism

Richard (left) was a British diplomat from 1978 – 2015 working a lot within the EU, there was rarely problems in bi lateral talks between the UK and the EU. Richard was involved in the Maastricht treaty. He believed the EU is of more benefit to the EU than vice versa. He believes more senior foreign office figures than him must be feeling sick.

Harriet (right) her Italian husband cannot be here because he is too traumatised and upset by brexit. He feels he is not wanted here. Harriet feels European, due to FOM many of her families problems

Andy (left) is fuming, nobody in this country knows why the hell theyre doing. He follows the money, Fartage linked to Banks who wants his insurance empire to have access to the NHS He can’t watch or listen to anyone who is brexity, He chopped up his Michael Caine dvd collection

Nigel (right) is angry, his anger has festered. He is angry that the decision to leave was based on emotion. Not on facts nor expert opinion. ‘Our government is broken, we are disenfranchised’ Governed by big business

Ben (left) understands why a large a proportion of the population voted to leave, as a protest. He worked in a multi cultural company and saw how devastating the vote was for the EU citizens in that company

Franca (right) was reluctant to come as she is getting bored with it all She’s lives in the UK for many years, she has always felt like she belonging. Since the ref she no longer feels the UK is her home, something has changed, the othering and the nasty arrogance

We at the Final Say For All Foundation run Beehive events, where you can meet and chat with others in a friendly setting. Come join us for a drink and, if you want, tell us why Brexit is personal for you. With your permission, we can record your story and combine it with others from our Beehives across the country. Our aim is to distribute them to MPs, journalists and other powerful figures so that the real voice of the people is heard in the corridors of power.

We are many and we will not be silenced


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