Leeds Beehive: Saturday 8th September 2018  

Our 5th successful Beehive event took place at Archie’s at Granary Wharf in Leeds on the evening of Saturday 8th September, following the Leeds for Europe Stop Brexit Conference.

The event was well supported by our Final Say For All team, including chairman of the Foundation, Nicky @nickynoo007, and secretary John @AhDeFoof, along with Samantha, Danielle, Sue and Paul. Around thirty other people joined us for a drink and a chat, to tell their ‘Brexit Is Personal’ story or to listen to others telling their stories.

Nicky kicked off the event by welcoming everyone. She gave an introduction to the event and told of her own experiences of being a UK national living in the EU. Being disenfranchised in the 2016 referendum, she explained the extremely negative impact Brexit will have on her and her family’s life. She was followed by John who spoke about why Brexit is personal for him.

Among others who shared their experiences were Frederika @Frederika_R, Charlie @turtle_in_a_fez, and Giulia @GiuliaSavini1  – all from @Best4Doncaster.

Also making sure their voices were heard were our own Samantha @IncorrectEn, Little Winglet @WingletLove, Cathy @Spookella and Jo @Jazz_O72.

During the event, we all had a chance to mull around and chat. What a great night meeting fantastic people – both old friends and new! We thank them all.

Videos of the event will be available soon on our YouTube channel: Final Say For All - Beehives.