LIVERPOOL Beehive – 20th January 2019

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People arriving and settling in at our #FSFABeehive event in Liverpool, upstairs at the Pilgrim Pub.


Brenda (left) from talking about Freedom of Movement and why we need a .

Our very own team member Sam  (right) sharing her story about how she and her Dutch husband and family have now been in limbo for 941 days because of .

Andrew (left), also from , spoke about inclusivity & optimism for the young, and their engagement with the EU. He also read out ’s reply to the letter from the 100 EU MEPs who wrote to the UK asking us to reconsider.

Richard (right) spoke about living in so many different EU countries and how Freedom of Movement has formed his life.

Madeleine (left) talked about living through all the benefits of the EU.

Erika (right) helped organise the event & find such a great venue! Thank you, Erika! for her because she’ll feel ‘stuck’, amongst other things, if we leave the EU & lose Freedom of Movement.

We at the Final Say For All Foundation run Beehive events, where you can meet and chat with others in a friendly setting. Come join us for a drink and, if you want, tell us why Brexit is personal for you. With your permission, we can record your story and combine it with others from our Beehives across the country. Our aim is to distribute them to MPs, journalists and other powerful figures so that the real voice of the people is heard in the corridors of power.

We are many and we will not be silenced


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