PENARTH Beehive – 11th February 2019

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People are starting to arrive for the 2nd Wales #FSFABeehive this weekend. We are at The Windsor, 95 Windsor Road in Penarth.

Sarah (left) from Penarth is telling her story about how peace in Europe means so much to her due to her family’s sacrifice during the wars on both sides.

Heike (right) is related to the White Rose (anti nazi) Movement & shakes thinking about the headlines about the judges being “Enemies of the people”. She’s worried about her status here. This has impacted her mental health.

Rodney (left) is talking about how this is OUR European Union. Too much to give up on.

Christian (right) is speaking about the contribution that have made to the UK and how insulting it is to ask them to apply to stay.

Phil (left) is speaking about how the EU makes our lives better through legislation about anti discrimination. He’s upset that we may lose that tolerance and Phil is Irish & is scared about the border.

John (right) his wife and children are part of he is worried for the future of his children if their rights are put in jeopardy. He believes they could be part of a new Windrush deportation scandal.

We at the Final Say For All Foundation run Beehive events, where you can meet and chat with others in a friendly setting. Come join us for a drink and, if you want, tell us why Brexit is personal for you. With your permission, we can record your story and combine it with others from our Beehives across the country. Our aim is to distribute them to MPs, journalists and other powerful figures so that the real voice of the people is heard in the corridors of power.

We are many and we will not be silenced


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