People’s Vote March

This was @FinalSayForAll’s fourth march in London. This one felt different though. This one felt like we were finally winning and being seen and heard. The coverage on the news had increased march to march, as had the numbers attending. This felt huge, and watching the footage as we all sat down for a drink afterwards proved we were right. We were over the moon to see our very own Nicola James leading a chant on the FT website @1.20 and the very vocal Tim McCann and Chris Kendall chanting on the BBC website.

We decided to take a well-deserved break from filming at our after march venue at The Beehive Pub in Vauxhall. The drinks and conversation flowed as we all reflected on what the day had meant to us and on our highlights of the march.

“It was fantastic to march amongst friends again and for the first time on a march it felt like a real turning point.”

@nickynoo007 Chairman of Final Say For All

“As someone who lives in a very high leave area, I can’t express how much events like this help to bolster my resolve. I am so proud to be a part of the biggest Pro-European movement in Europe and be on the right side of history.”


“The highlight for me was the calm, polite way that a million of us demonstrated. Even as we marched past Downing Street. So proud to have been a part of it.”


“As we plunged into an ocean of faces, a vibrant mass of blue with yellow jewels twinkling, a plethora of banners and placards bearing messages from the hilarious to the incandescent (though being Remain, unfailingly polite rage), my earlier worries slipped easily away.  It was BIG.”

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