Thursday again – through the Grapevine!

We left on a high and moved on to our next event at the Grapevine in Place de Luxembourg, an informal awareness-raising event that took place between 4.30 and 8.30 pm. We were joined by the assistants to MEPs Richard Corbett and Mary Honeyball, along with journalist Adam Payne from Business Insider. Our purpose was to introduce ourselves, talk about our aims, and give everyone the opportunity to talk about how Brexit is affecting their lives.

I hoped the evening would be a success, but I needn’t have worried. Altogether, about 40 like-minded people turned up for the event. These were British people living and working in Belgium, who were mostly sent to work there by the UK government – all of whom wanted to talk about possible strategies, and some of whom were very keen to get more actively involved.

I would like to extend the thanks of the FSFA foundation, and also my personal thanks, to all the MEPs, assistants, and other attendees who took the time to listen, advise and energise us at both events as we move forward. Our future strategy has been directly influenced by your input. Let’s hope we can make a difference together.